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HPI-Racing Savage XS Flux Mini Monster Truck RTR, El Camino SS, 4WD Part# HPI120093


The Savage XS FLUX has the composite TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis, 3S LiPo compatibility, waterproof electronics and super-durable drivetrain and suspension.

The El Camino is one of the most iconic cars of all time. With its muscle car front end and and pick-up truck rear, it looks perfectly at home on the Savage XS. Finished off with matching red colored springs for that extra flair to really make this truck stand out from the crowd.

The 65+ MPH Savage XS FLUX is compact and goes where the standard size Savage can't. At 2/3 the size of a standard Savage, the Savage XS FLUX is the perfect size for backyard tracks. The Savage XS FLUX features an all-metal drivetrain so it can handle giant jumps and speeds over 65mph. The 4WD system provides excellent traction on any off-road or on-road surface you can throw at it. And it's all built with legendary Savage toughness so you spend more time driving and less time wrenching.


  • Waterproof electronics
  • Durable Savage design with TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis
  • Officially licensed replica of the classic El Camino SS American Muscle car
  • SS-20WR waterproof servo
  • Battery box fits standard LiPo batteries & 6-cell NiMH
  • Aluminum hex hubs

HPI-Racing Savage XS Flux Mini Monster Truck RTR, El Camino SS, 4WD

SKU: HPI120093
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