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Axial SCX24 +4mm Steel Axles Brass Weight Part# SXTF2604H


Made by: Hot Racing front or rear wheel weights +4mm Steel Drive Stub (SXTF39W04) on the Axial SCX24



- CNC machined solid brass billet

- 5g each fitted to the +4mm Steel Drive Stub Axlex lower the vehicles center of gravity, increase its stability, improve climbing, reduce the chance for flipping backwards, and make for an overall more capable crawler



-Four (4) 5g brass +4mm Steel Drive Stub Axlex weight



- Hot Racing +4mm Steel Drive Stub (SXTF39W04)


Brand New in Manufacture Packaging!

Hot Racing Brass +4mm Steel Axles Wheel Weights For Axial SCX24

$9.88 Regular Price
$9.58Sale Price
Only 2 left in stock
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